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Ron Quercia



My awareness in art started at an early age with a painting by Van Gogh in Life Magazine. Encouraged by my mother and grandmother, I started drawing whatever I saw. In junior high, I had my first art teacher who gave me serious artistic encouragement. From then on I pursued every art course available to me.

In 1969 through 1973, I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) in Oakland, California. There I became aware of the importance of the Bay Area Figurative School of art. That is when I realized I wanted to pursue a life in fine art. I was influenced by Jacque Faberet, Arthur Okamura, Vincent Perez, Ron Dahl and Ralph Borge. Also at that time I became aware of the importance of framing art works.

Privately collecting and dealing early California art from 1975 to 1990 brought about the opening of my first gallery in 1980, Madison Street Gallery in Petaluma, California. Collecting early California art and progressing into post World War II paintings, furthered my interest in contemporary art.

I opened Quercia Gallery in Duncans Mills in 1990 and closed it in 2016. I am now working as a full time artist in the small community of Salmon Creek, Bodega Bay, California. I also offer frame restoration that I have been developing for the last forty years.

Fascinated by the Northern California coastal light and color, my paintings are a reflection of what I see.



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