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                                                           Clay Sculptures

Salmon Creek Art Walk 2022


"Chorus"   30"X17"  $350                        "Rhythm in Blue"    13"X17"  $300  


  "Cerebral Challenge"

Sculptures from the "Whimsy" Show




"Birds Eye View II"




       #III  34"x 6"  $300            #VI  29"x 6"  $300          Earth Guardian 50"x 8"  $450            #VII  27"x 4"  $300            #X  32"x 6"  $300


Three Sculptures from the "Edge" Show



                                                  "Edge" I     24"x 6"                   "Edge" II     15"x 4"              "Edge" III     24"x 6"



                                                                                               Lighted Table Sconce













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